Månedsarkiv: august 2018

Program for APEX-dag 22. august

Tilmelding på https://www.doug.dk/events/2018/08/apex-dag-22-august/


0930-1030 Carsten Czarski, Oracle: APEX 18.1 and beyond: What’s new?
1040-1140 Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle: The most amazing Universal Theme yet
1140-1220 Lunch
1220-1310 Carsten Czarski, Oracle: APEX and the REST of the world: Deep Dive
1320-1410 Shakeeb Rahman, Oracle: Building Big Things for Small Screens
1420-1510 APEX panel discussion with Carsten Czarski, Shakeeb Rahman, Martin Nielsen, Robert Johannesson
1520-1600 Robert Johannesson, SoftBASE:  APEX 18.1 Enterprise deployment – a user case/demo


APEX 18.1 and beyond: What’s new?

Oracle Application Express 18.1 focuses on declaratively integrating data sources from remote databases and extending applications running on the cloud via REST. A new Create Application Wizard enables you to add components and features to new and existing applications. Upgrading to the latest Oracle JET and jQuery JavaScript libraries will further allow APEX to take advantage of new and improved data visualizations and widgets. In this session, we will show those new capabilities and show some of the numerous enhancements to JET Charts and the Interactive Grid.

The most amazing Universal Theme yet

The Universal Theme aims to empower developers with the tools they need to build beautiful, responsive, accessible apps without becoming experts in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This session will introduce you to some of the improvements and updates to Universal Theme in APEX 18.1, including Font APEX 2, Floating Labels and the numerous enhancements for building Mobile User Experiences to name a few. Learn how you can take full advantage of the capabilities in Universal Theme to build compelling user experiences for any device, and why the latest release of APEX contains the most amazing version of the Universal Theme yet.

APEX and the REST of the world: Deep Dive

This talk will focus on the new REST capabilities in Application 18.1: The audience will learn how to use advanced configurations like joining REST data to a local table or computing derived columns based on REST data. Also, the talk will highlight how to programmatically access Web Source Modules using PL/SQL, e.g. to create a database job to load data from a REST service on a regular schedule. A few tips and tricks will round the session up.

Building Big Things for Small Screens

The Universal Theme in APEX 18.1 will see a number of enhancements targeted at developers building responsive apps that are well suited for mobile and small-screen devices. In this session, we will discuss transitioning from jQuery Mobile apps to Universal Theme, explore some of the new mobile-focused features such as touch gestures, and learn how to approach mobile app development for your future projects. This session will be tactical, with live demos, tips, and tricks you can use to build great small-screen experiences.

APEX 18.1 Enterprise deployment – a user case/demo

The presentation will demo a Salesman application accessing ERP Data, developed in APEX Universal Theme (UT) Version 18.1 It will show the powerful GUI on both Desktop and on Mobile device (Tablet).

We will present the functionality of the App, but at the same time present the Enterprise level features, which make up the usage of APEX application, both as single application or a combination of more APEX applications.

The features include:

  • Authentication/Authorisation
  • User GUI
  • Navigation Bar features:
  • REST Service Integration

We will also show the mashup application 1220, which combines the usage of Forms and APEX functionalities.