Månedsarkiv: juni 2019

Foreløbig Agenda til APEX-dag 3. september

Her er den foreløbige agenda for APEX-dagen 3. september.

0900-0910 Velkomst

0910-1000 Patrick Wolf: Insider News from the APEX Development Lab

1010-1100 Dimitri Gielis: Can you do that with APEX? Building not so straight forward pages…

1110-1200 Matt Nolan: Building Single Page Applications in APEX

1200-1300 Frokost

1300-1350 Carsten Czarski: REST Integration in APEX: Status quo and outlook

1400-1450 Dimitri Gielis: Print and Export data in the format you want (pptx, xlsx, pdf, …) with AOP

1500-1530 APEX Expert Q&A

1540-1630 Robert Johannesson: SoftBASE MasterAPP development concept for APEX